Monday, March 26, 2007

Travelling Back ..

Today, I'll travel back to Syria. Wish me good trip as I hate being alone in the airports & hate keeping silent all the time.
I like to talk (& in Arabic).
Hope I can do that so soon when I arrive Damascus.
That will be on Wednesday 2:00 A.M. InShalla .
See you : )

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lost in America :)

Well, it feels like a strange dream that I'm here, in Michigan, Ann Arbor !
The trip took one day & two long nights & for a person like me who needs 8 hours of sleep it was a disaster :)
I didn't see much of the city as I spend my days at the hospital.
I'm here for a training program that was arranged between the Iraqi Committee for Medical Specializations & the American College of Radiology to train Iraqi doctors.The program lasts 3 weeks & it's really a short period if one wants to learn but this what we've got.

These photos are of my daily way home. I walk for about 7 minutes. But in the past two days the snow melted & I noticed some small white flowers had grown below this snow ! believe it ? I didn't believe my eyes when I saw them & went to touch them.

The snow is nice when you look at it while in the car but very ugly when you have to walk outdoors. It's chilling here in Michigan as they have a long cold winter.
March is spring everywhere but here it's still winter till April !
I visited many Iraqi families & some of them are my father's friends that migrated to the USA since the 80s & 90s & I never thought that it will be possible ti see them again.
The hospital is very large & I spent the first week lost in the long branching hallways & many workers were asking me: can I help you ?
I got many maps like this one :))

Now I know my way very well :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Photos from Syria

I saw many new things in Syria,here are some of them.
(I have no Arabic keyboard right now but I couldn't resist posting them).
Here is the place where the head of Al-Hussain & his fellows were brought from Karbala to Damascus. (Shocking, right?)
Here is the grave of syedna Bilal Al-Habashi :

Naby Allah Habeel where he buried by his brother Kabeel :

The graves of our prophet muhammed wives(Um-Habeeba & Um Salama) :

The sea in 6ar6oos ..

Snow in Bloodan (that was my first time seeing snow-such a big moment !)

I saw baloo6 for the first time also & loved its shape :

Al-Jame3 Al-amwey :

Al-salhyia :
The photos in are shown in a much better resoluation than here !

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